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Here at Cornerstone we believe that each of us have a story to share about how our lives have been transformed through the ministry of our church. 

by Lola Halbert

Have you seen the brochures about the Walk to Emmaus?  Recently I saw one and remembered that my daughter, my mom and her sister went on a Walk to Emmaus over 25 years ago and suggested I do that too. Since I had been wanting to do that, I finally decided to act on their suggestion.  Why did I wait so long?

Oct. 10-13, 2019 is a weekend I will never forget because I rekindled my lifelong love for Christ.  Approaching the retreat center with anxiousness and expectation, I was shown God’s unconditional love with smiles and hugs from many people I’d never met.  And that was just the beginning of all the various ways God’s love was revealed to me by others.  That began 72 hours of complete immersion in God’s love and grace through prayers, gifts, service, more hugs, testimonies, conversations, communion, and even too much delicious food.  It was an unforgettable time to experience and learn more of God’s love and grace.  One of the biggest surprises was the calendar of 72 hours showing when people all over the world were praying for us in Walk 112 of Houston West Emmaus Community (my walk of a lifetime).  I truly felt Jesus walking with me, Lola Halbert.  Since my walk, I’ve discovered several Cornerstone members have also been blessed with a Walk to Emmaus.  Perhaps they can tell you their story.

I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of The Walk to Emmaus brochure and consider this walk of faith and discipleship.   In February there is an Emmaus Walk with Houston West Emmaus Community for women and also one for men on a different week end. 

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