Worship Protocols regarding COVID-19 – UPDATED!

It is exciting to see more people coming back to worship!!  

As of May 30, 2021 Cornerstone Leadership decided to make wearing masks in worship optional.  Two factors influenced this decision… (1) Many of our regular attenders have received vaccinations, which limits the potential spread of infection; and (2) We continue to maintain safety precautions during this time.
Here are some helpful precautions for considering attending worship in person:
1)   Anyone who is sick or who has had close contact with a person with COVID-19 should stay home. Even if you think it is just allergies or a cold, please think of others and take care of yourself by staying home.
2)   Older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Therefore, I encourage you to join us via the live stream.
3)   Sanitize hands upon entry. We will have two hand sanitizing stations set up for everyone to sanitize their hands. The solution we have feels stickier in the beginning but will dry smooth.
4)   Though Masks are optional, we do not want anyone to feel they can’t wear a mask.  If wearing a mask will help you feel more comfortable in worship, then please wear a mask.  
5)   Register your attendance. We will check you into worship for our records, and in case there is ever a need to inform attendees of possible exposure.
6)   Enter the Sanctuary and sit in an open row. All rows are open. All households should sit together and leave at least six feet of space between households. 
7)   Communion is offered on first Sundays and special times of the year. The communion elements will be brought to you from the table. They are a sealed, all in one, fellowship cup including a separately sealed wafer and juice in one container.
8)   Speakers at the Pulpit will not be required to wear a mask while they are speaking at the pulpit. 
9) Sanitize your hands upon exit through the Narthex
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